Can you help fill a need?


For more information on what volunteer work at EPEC looks like, or to find out how to start please contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

Tier 1: Provide Administrative Assistance

Anything highlighted in red- current need.

Grocery Shopping for Shelter

Weekly grocery shopping runs. Shelter Advocate/Manager will provide grocery list and Walmart Credit Card.



Weekly lawn maintenance at any (or all) of our 3 locations. (Martinsburg main office and shelter, Charles Town outreach office).

Front garden at shelter.



Providing office cleaning at any of our 4 locations. (Morgan county outreach, Jefferson County outreach, Main office (Martinsburg), Shelter (Martinsburg).

This could be completed on a flexible schedule that works best for the volunteer.

Sorting Donations

This would include sorting donations by size and need in the shelter.

This could include transporting donations from main office or outreach offices to shelter.

Organizing and putting away of clothing in the clothing closet.


Thank You Cards

Email or written thank you cards to donors. This could be completed monthly or weekly.

Tier 2: Provide Administrative Support that may Include Some Client Contact

Anything highlighted in red- current need.

Answering Phones

Receiving hotline calls at the main office (Martinsburg). This is available between 8:30-4:30 Monday thru Friday.

This will include some training to respond to victims when they call in crisis.


Front Desk Coverage

This will include answering the hotline along with front door entry.

There is a monitor system in place to assure client and staff safety.



Completing the task of filing client data in EPEC’s filing system.

This task requires about 4-6 hours per week.

Completing Client Intakes

Working with clients to complete intakes for counseling.

This would require training provided by EPEC.


Outreach Projects

This could be an “as needed” volunteer opportunity.

This would include attending and helping at EPEC outreach projects (ex: 5K, door knob project, etc.)

Tier 3: Providing Direct Services to Clients and Children

Anything highlighted in red- current need.

Victim Response to Hospital or Law Enforcement Agency

Extensive training provided by EPEC.

Accompanying victims to SANE (forensic exam at medical center)
At least 2 on-call shifts per month (shift length ranging from 16-24 hours).

Accompanying victims to law enforcement agency for report.


Shelter Advocacy/Supervision of Shelter Clients and Children

Providing relief for shelter advocate/manager to get groceries or when a gap in staff coverage arises.

Conducting a “focus group” with clients on specific needs. (Resume building, childcare, and meal planning…).


Court Advocacy

Attending family court (occurs weekly in Jefferson and Berkeley Counties and as need in Morgan County) with clients to provide support throughout process.

Required training would be provided by EPEC.

Supervision of Children

Watch children while parent is in counseling, doctor appointments, or just providing a break.

This will be needed in all locations.


Craft Activities with Children

Complete structured (regular: weekly, every other week) with children at shelter.


Outreach Projects

This could be an “as needed” volunteer opportunity.

This would include attending and helping at EPEC outreach projects (ex: 5K, door knob project, etc.).

This could also include helping to develop and plan outreach projects.