We offer free and confidential counseling by licensed professional counselors. Clients must first complete an intake interview with an advocate, upon completion and have met qualifications Clients will be contacted for their first scheduled counseling appointment.


EPEC advocates are available to accompany clients to the police department, hospital, court hearings, or meetings with attorneys and provide support in these situations.

911 Cell Phones

EPEC has cell phones (for emergency use only) available for clients who meet specific criteria. Clients are required to meet with the advocate to complete required paperwork before receiving these safety measures.

Specialized Support

EPEC advocates and counselors work with child and adult victims to explain the options available to them and help them determine the course of their recovery.

Safety Planning

We have programs and support staff that work with clients to develop a personalized plan in order to stay safe and remain prepared in dangerous situations.

Emergency Protective Order Preparation

EPEC advocates work with clients to explain the procedure for seeking an Emergency Protective Order (EPO), what options are available in the EPO, and what the client can expect in the court hearing.

Professional Training

EPEC sponsors several professional trainings every year. Once a year, EPEC brings in national speakers to address current issues in the areas of domestic violence and sexual assault. Additionally, EPEC may be able to provide your professional organization with training on dealing with domestic violence and sexual assault in the work place.